FDI Acoustics Inc. is an independent acoustical consulting firm that understands industries need for cost-effective noise attenuation and regulatory compliance.

FDI Acoustics recognizes the importance of access to multiple vendors or clients to address their individual needs for regulatory compliance, noise mitigation, noise control products or noise solutions.  As an independent acoustical consulting firm, FDI Acoustics has no alliances with suppliers or manufacturers of noise control products. We provide clients with noise impact assessments, traffic noise assessments and sound surveys that are easy to read and easy to understand and follow. Our assessments satisfy the specific jurisdictional requirements of noise regulations, policies and standards both in Canada and the United States.

If your project or facility requires noise control, FDI Acoustics noise assessments will include acoustical specifications and recommendations for noise mitigation. Should you require assistance for regulatory compliance within your industry, our acoustical consultants are here to answer your questions and to provide your company with Sound Advice.


FDI is the acoustical consulting firm where Sound Advice and Sound Delivery are more than just slogans.