James Farquharson, C.E.T., INCE



FDI Acoustics Inc. was previously contacted by a representative for a group of landowners and residents concerned about possible noise levels. The group sought assistance from FDI in order to to gain a better understanding of the potential noise impact of a sizeable proposed energy development near their homes.

FDI Acoustics was asked to perform a Third Party Assessment Review for the Noise Impact Assessment (NIA) on file.The NIA was reviewed using the data available and the opinion generated from the review was that the NIA on file was less than adequate for a project of this magnitude. FDI was able to determine that the environmental noise impact of the project exceeded the allowable noise levels of the current regulations and legal counsel for the group was advised of our’ findings.

Mr. James Farquharson, C.E.T., INCE, President of FDI Acoustics Inc. provided expert witness testimony during the hearing for the proposed project. Mr. Farquharson presented reviews, findings and opinions of the NIA on file. The decision handed down for the project supported the recommendation to re-complete the NIA and was in agreement with many of the positions put forward by Mr. James Farquharson.

The project proponents committed to recomplete the NIA following a more comprehensive approach and committed to incorporate noise abatement measures wherever necessary for compliance. Subsequent noise control measures ensured the predicted noise impact of the proposed project would fall within the permissible sound levels for the community.

Mr. James Farquharson
Mr. James FarquharsonC.E.T., INCE